What does it really mean to describe the church as the family of God?   Recently we began a new teaching series "One Heart and Mind" where we are exploring that very question.  The church is not intended to be a collection of individuals who all happen to gather in a certain space once a week to worship God.  The church is community.  It is a gathering of people who seek to share life together.  And it is a community of people who come together to pursue a common mission and vision.

Blessing of the Bikes coming up on May 20

Blessing of the Bikes coming up on May 20

This past Sunday we talked a bit about what that mission is and how that common vision binds us together.  There is actually something very powerful about a shared vision.  When hundreds of people, gathered in a particular geographic area, are all headed towards the same goal, the potential impact is amazing.

In our church, the vision is to reach and disciple people for Christ.  The illustration we used in worship was that of sowing and nurturing seeds. We sow seeds of faith as we share Jesus with others, and we nurture those seeds as we help people grow in faith.  As we grow increasingly unified around that vision, not only is our family bond strengthened, but our impact is multiplied.

I know we are a pretty big family, but we ARE family.  And that family connection is strengthened by our shared desire to see Jesus be lifted up in our communities and our region.  One opportunity we have this weekend to lift up Jesus and begin to sow some seeds is our Spring Concert.   I would ask you to do three things in regards to our concert.  First, plan to attend one of the performances (Saturday at 7:00 p.m. or Sunday at 5:00 p.m.).  Second, invite a guest to attend with you.  A concert like this is a fairly non-threatening entry point for someone who doesn't necessarily attend church.  Third, pray for the concert.  Pray that guests would come and pray that the Holy Spirit would so anoint this concert that the words and the music would draw people towards Jesus.

I look forward to seeing you this weekend as we continue our series "One Heart and MInd."  This is a great and important series.  I know you won't want to miss a single week.

God Bless,

Pastor Steve