Dear Friends,


     What an amazing time we’ve had at Rock Church this past week!   First, we had a group of approximately 120 people attend Soulfest.  We worshipped together every morning.  We had daily life groups.  We shared meals and great conversations. We prayed, laughed and cried.  Testimonies were share that moved our hearts closer to God.  And we concluded the week with an amazing outdoor worship that included over 20 baptisms.  Oh, and we also saw some amazing concerts (many of them in the rain!)

yankee homecoming 2018 pic 1.jpg

     This past Saturday we also had our first ever community outreach event at our newest campus in Newburyport.  Pastor Paul and a great group of volunteers set up an outreach booth and a couple of inflatables for the kids.  Before the rain came down at lunch time, the team had a chance to interact with hundreds of guests, sharing the love of Jesus and an invitation to worship.  If you have not been following what is happening in Newburyport, it is pretty exciting.  They have their own storefront space.  They have been doing a Thursday evening dinner and worship every week with a growing core group.  And in October we will be launching Sunday morning worship.  To do that, we are going to be looking for some missionaries to help with that launch.  You will hear more about that in the weeks to come.


     At the same time, a great group of volunteers have been preparing for Day Camp. We will offer two weeks of Rock Day Camp this year, beginning in Sandown next Monday (Aug. 13) and in Plaistow the following Monday (Aug. 20).  We have already maxed out our registration with over 150 kids signed up.  These two weeks are going to be EPIC!   And they are a great way for us to connect with unchurched families in our communities.  We could still use a few more volunteers, particularly for Sandown.  If you think you might be able to help in any way, please email Glenda Maglio.  

     This weekend we will continue our series “At the Movies.”  I’m not going to tell you what the movie clip is, but I will give you a hint.  Can you picture a 50 foot high Stay Puft Marshmallow man?   The scene may seem a little absurd, but there is an underlying lesson that is life changing.  Trust me, you will not want to miss it!

      I look forward to us being together this Sunday for a great time of worship.  Have a blessed week.

God bless,

     Pastor Steve