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Do you ever think about the power of words.  About a month ago, I shared in my blog that God was beginning to place certain words in my heart and mind.  One such word that we talked about was synergy.  This past Sunday I shared another word that keeps coming back to me.  That word is URGENCY. 

Perhaps you are beginning to feel as I do that there is an urgency to the work that Jesus has called us to.  There is an urgent need to bring hope to a hurting world.  There is an urgency to bring love and compassion to the broken.  And there is an urgency to share what we call “The Gospel,” the good news that God so loved the world that he sent his son to be our savior.

I know that some of this urgency comes from my end.  In my mind I’m still 20.  But the calendar and the mirror say otherwise. And with each passing season I feel a greater and greater need to become bold in my faith and fearless in my proclamation.  Life is short.  I want to use every bit of it to do the work of Jesus and to share the hope of the resurrection.

Do you ever feel that way?   Personally, my desire is that this urgency that God is welling up within me will lead to other words.  Words like courage, boldness, risk and perseverance.

We have a wonderful gift in Christ. We have the greatest news ever shared and the greatest hope our world has ever known.  My prayer is that we will all sense an urgency to share the love of Jesus every day, and in every way, we possibly can.

Have a great week.  Join us this Sunday as we continue our series “Imperfect” learning powerful lessons from the life of the apostle Peter.

 God bless,

Pastor Steve