Hola amigos! I'm greeting you en Español this week because by the time you read this Pastor Rachel and I, along with other members of our Honduras mission leadership will be on site visiting with our friends at My Little Lambs orphanage just outside of Siguatepeque, Honduras.  When we began this mission over two years ago, we could not possibly have imagined how God would use it to build relationships and transform lives.  Whether your support for these children has come in the form of prayer, donations or words of encouragement to those who have been called to “Go!” we sincerely thank you and feel as though we take you all with us.  We will be planning another full team trip to Honduras sometime around July so keep your eyes out for additional details on that early this spring.


Now back to our Plaistow campus, join me in giving a major thank you to the trustees and other volunteers for the work last Friday to provide a new and improved greeting/fellowship space.  I believe there were times in the past when it was so "busy" in the lobby our church family, first time visitors and guests may have been overwhelmed or even frustrated.  God is good in providing the people and the plan to bless us with a solution for the foreseeable future.   What a great time to Invite friends & neighbors and/or greet & engage with guests or maybe even another member you've never personally met before.  


Speaking of engagement, this January begins another year of the amazing ministry of life, God calls us all together to in connection as the Body of Christ.  Part of the way we connect and care for each otheris lifegroups.  Many new lifegroups have started and more are to come soon. To highlight 2 in particular is a motion and devotion group Saturday mornings and concurrent with Children's lifegroup is the New adult group discussion Sunday's at 9:45am.  


Before I sign off for another week, I wanted to let you know about a great opportunity we’ll be sad to miss this weekend at our Plaistow campus.  This Saturday evening, Epic Season, an amazingly talented Christian band from right here in New England, will be in concert at our Plaistow campus as they debut songs from their new album. This band is always great at Soulfest and one of our youth group’s favs, but I can say that no matter what age you are you’ll have a great time.  Tickets for the Epic Season concert are $10 and can be purchased at the door.  As if that wasn’t enough, on Sunday we have Christian artist Paul Coleman hosting our Sunday evening service at 6:00pm in Plaistow.  If you haven’t met Paul or heard him play, you won’t want to miss it!


I can't wait to come home and fill you in on the details of our latest visit to the kids at My Little Lambs in Honduras.  We will certainly be praying for you all as you join together in worship this Sunday to finish up our Reboot! sermon series.  



Pastor Jon

603 234-4721