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Have you ever been in a battle?  Some of you may be active or retired military and you have literally been in a battle, a war zone.  But you don’t have to have taken up arms to be in a battle.  Battles take on many forms in life.  I’ve heard more than one parent say to their kid “why is everything a battle with you?”  Some of you may have come up against some unexpected expense and now your find yourself in a financial battle.  Some have known the pain of a custody battle.  Many today battle addiction. 

Nicole and I are currently in a battle that I know many of you have also fought.  It is the battle that comes with a significant health crisis. Some of you have fought those health battles in your own life.  Others have fought the battle alongside someone you love.  Life is a beautiful, precious gift.  But life can also be a battle.  The truth is, virtually all of us will face one battle or another in life.

So the question becomes, how do we fight our battles?  What weapons do we carry into that battle?  What resources do we have to help us fight our battle?   This Sunday we will launch a new series entitled “Fight My Battle.”  You might recognize the title as coming from a worship song “This is how I fight my battle.”  In this series I, and our other pastors, are going to be honest and transparent with you about the battles we sometimes face, and how we choose to fight our battles. 

It is only a 4 week series, but it is going to be very impactful.  Trust me when I tell you that you will not want to miss a single week. 

One more picture from Day Camp.  What a great program we had this year!

One more picture from Day Camp. What a great program we had this year!

On another note, this coming Sunday will be our final week in our Amesbury downtown building.  On September 8th at 10:00 am we will be moving our North Shore Campus into the Vision Max Cinema on Rt. 110 in Salisbury, right off routes 95 and 495.  The first few weeks will be a bit of a “soft launch” as we work out the details of a new space.  Then on Sept 29th we will do a big Grand Opening of the new location that we will be promoting broadly throughout the North Shore region.  Please pray for this great and exciting transition.  And please invite your unchurched friends and neighbors.

See you Sunday.

God Bless,

Pastor Steve

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