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Dear Friends,

I love the start of a new year. I mentioned in last week's blog that I am an eternal optimist. I believe that in Christ all things are possible. As such, the new year is ripe with potential and possibility.  In fact, I'm convinced that this year is going to be the best year yet. I believe it's going to be a great year for Rock Church and the life-changing work that God has called us to. But I also believe it can be the best year yet for you and I.

By the way, that is not hype. I believe that this will be our best year yet at Rock Church because we are going to fulfill our mission with greater impact than we ever have. We are going to reach out in new ways, we are going to take risks, we are going to see more people come to Christ and grow deeper in faith than we ever have. For example, did you see what is happening in Amesbury and Newburyport? Rock Church's North Shore campus is about to be born. It's going to be awesome! And I believe this is just the beginning of what God has for us this year!

But more than a great year for Rock Church, I want this to be a great year for you. I want to see God work in your life in richer, fuller and more powerful ways than you have ever experienced. I want your relationships to be the best they've ever been.  If there are areas of your life were you have been held in bondage, I believe this is the year for freedom. I want this to be the year you grow deeper in love with Jesus than you have ever been. I want to see you prosper in life in more significant ways than you have ever known. I truly want this to be your best year yet.

To get us started in the right direction we have just launched into a new series entitled "Game Changers."  In this series we will talk about five choices, five key decisions, you can make that will make this year your best yet. If you missed the first message, you can catch it at  This Sunday we will be talking about a decision, a step, that is so essential that I would invite every man, woman and child in our congregation to implement it. This decision literally applies to every one of us. We can all do it. And it is a game-changer!

I want to wish each one of you God's joy, hope, peace and prosperity in 2019.

   In Christ,
Pastor Steve

On a personal note, please keep John Sainsbury and his family in your prayers. Naomi passed away a couple of days ago. There will be a celebration of her life at our Plaistow campus on Saturday, Jan 5. There will be time to visit with the family at 10 am, the service will be at 11 am.

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